Andrew Wilder

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Mr. Wilder graduated from the University of Guelph in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. He is a Senior Grain Merchant at Horizon Milling GP, which was formed by a partnership between Cargill Inc. and CHS Inc. two flour milling leaders who also formed Horizon Milling, LLC in the U.S. Before this position he was a Grain Merchant for Cargill Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Other positions he has held include, Director of Marketing at James Richardson International and Manager at the Canadian Pacific Railway. Mr. Wilder has been an active supporter of the University of Guelph since his graduation.

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U of G has been improving food production, processing and delivery for 150 years. You can help the University find solutions in food safety and sustainability that will benefit farmers and communities around the world.
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